Pressure Transmitter Model R-1

889,000 تومان

Pressure Transmitter Model R-1

for the Refrigeration Market

Specifications according to data sheet: PE 81.45

Manual: can be downloaded from www.wika.com

Accuracy: 2,0 %

Measuring range: 0…45 bar gauge

Process connection: 7/16-20UNF-2B Schrader

Output signal: 4 … 20 mA, 2-wire

Power supply: 7…30 V DC

Electrical connection: flying lead, IP 69K

Cable length: 2 m

pin assignment el. connection: UB=BN, 0V=GN

Import documentation CIS-States: without


Item number: 14200475


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2-Special Features

Wetted parts from stainless steel

Resistant to all common refrigerants

Special case design for the best possible condensation tightness

Private labelling possible

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